Boat Runs Aground into Manasquan Jetty

On Wednesday afternoon a sailboat ran aground into the Riddle Rocks located in Manasquan. Typically the guards are able to tie a line to the boat and prevent it from crashing into the beach however, the engine was running and leading the boat straight towards the rocks. The captain of the boat, believed to have been sleeping, suffered minor injuries to the extent of my knowledge. 

Snow Day- Landscape and Wildlife

I decided to take on a new task of photographing wildlife while I was on a mission to shoot snowy landscapes. The mass amount of winter birds around while I was adventuring caught my eye and I decided to make some fun out of it. I was also able to employe new landscape techniques and styles. 

Coast Guard Rescue

This Sunday, the coast guard made a daring rescue to save the life of a jet skier logged into the Manasquan Inlet. The coast guard just happened to be doing big surf drills and just returned to base when the jet skier shot out the mouth of the inlet. Coincidentally, a CG helicopter was just flying over and pulled the victim after riding an 18-foot wave into the rocks. Here is the gallery from the rescue.