Alone Abroad


 it wasn’t my first self-inflicted challenge, it wasn’t my first time in a foreign country, and it wasn’t my first time discovering the world through my viewfinder. However, it was my first time doing all three of these things completely alone. It was a moment to test myself and see what I am capable of. At first, I received mix signals from those who knew my plan to travel to Paris, by myself, and get lost. Some encouraged this strange act, others spoke of cheerfulness and looked of uneasiness. Regardless, I simply did not care. I was going to discover the nooks and crannies in The City of Lights, letting my curiosity guide my tour. My sights could not be found in a guidebook. Rather, they were found out of marvel. Though my trip was detoured and rescheduled for 8 hours in Dublin before flying to Paris, the theme of my voyage did not change. It was simply, to get lost, roam, and do things I had never done before. While I am a firm believer in traveling changing a person and feel this transformation through my own experiences, I would have never thought I could gain so much from 4 days.  

Missing Free Diver- Avon

This event occurred a very long time ago but I never had the chance to publish the images from this incident. Three of these photos were featured on NBC 4NY.